Snart lägenheter i byn Badolato i Italien - Palazzo Paparo

Idag 28 rum - imorgon 6-9 lägenheter beroende på önskad storlek

Today 28 rooms - tomorrow 6-9 apartments

Rooms:          28 
Size :              1400 sq.meters of internal useful surface
Terrace:        100 sq.meters of useful surface
Garden :        No
Layout :         Onto four levels
Location:      Building of 1700 in the antique historical centre of Badolato . 800 meters from the main town square and with an excellent panoramic view  over the Ionian sea.

Accessories: Panoramic terrace of 100 square meters , Private Chapel,  Inside open court, Arched basement floor  used as wine cellar( 200 square meters ), big entrance door with granite stone portal and granite columns  of 5 meters  high, precious internal staircase .

Possibilities: This palazzo can be connected to another Palazzo of 1800 called Palazzo  Impelliccia , which is 600 square meters big .The Palazzo Paparo can be divided into 9 apartments of 60 to 100 square meters and  keep all the ground floor as  common part. It contains even a small church .

Conditions :  Not refurbished

Palazzo Paparo - panoramic view